We are supporting the #barefootchallenge

#barefootchallenge would you stand barefoot on a public toilet floor? No? So why should it be acceptable to lay a person on the floor to change them?

Some fellowbfc campaigners have set up this challenge to raise awareness of the need for ‘Changing Places’ toilets and facilities. Please, the next time you visit the toilet, take a minute to think whether you would like to lay on the floor beneath you and put your disgust at the thought into action….by taking a picture of your own bare feet on the floor, then tweeting it and/or posting it to Facebook – using the Hashtag #barefootchallenge  


But most importantly, please remember to sign the petition, the reason that we are all supporting this challenge in the first place. Oh and remember to nominate your friends.

Thank you so much.

The more people we tell about this issue, the more we are likely to make a difference.

We’ve had an amazing couple of days, with brilliant, side-splittingly witty and honest parent blogger, The Unmumsy Mum, sharing one of our awareness raising flyers that has had over 4.5k shares from the post alone (incredible) and on the back of that, a brilliant article on Netmums! 

I hope that some great online coverage like this goes a long way to helping our campaign, but also all the other regional campaigners out there. It’s tough trying to get change. But we will all do it. One loo at a time! x

Come on MPs

We are eagerly awaiting news today from parliament, as the compulsory inclusion of Changing Places facilities is up for discussion…..

Changing Places facility
Photograph: courtesy of Clos-o-mat

Welcome to Hadley’s Heroes

So here we are – we have a campaign website now which will become a resource of information and facts as well as chart our campaign progress and celebrate the venues that we have helped become more inclusive.  You can help by circulating these flyers on social media, to help raise awareness of the issue. The more people we get involved and help to understand the need, the more likely we are to make a change. One of the biggest problems we face is that people just don’t know this is even a problem for us and the thousands of other families like ours. Please, please, please do what you can to share these on fb, bring the topic up in conversation, mention to your favourite tourist attraction or restaurant….every little really does help.  We will be creating posters and flyers that you can print really soon and we will also be printing some that you can distribute and put up for us….watch this space. 

Thank you so much. S X