Changing Places on the beach is a revelation!


It’s so nice to be able to report good news. And this is just a real quickie as it’s the school holidays tomorrow and I have to get so much done today without the kids at home. But I just wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to Bournemouth Borough Council – specifically to the facilities at Boscombe Beach! Thank you for providing us with the best beach day ever this weekend!

Boscombe1A Changing Places on the beach, accessible beach huts and beach wheelchairs! What a revelation! Having the toilet with hoist and change bed (and shower) meant we could spend an entire day at the beach on Sunday with our friends. No more laying in the back of the car or on the toilet floor (gross – imagine laying on the floor of a beach public loo??). The smile on the kids’s faces absolutely said it all!

To find out more about Boscombe Beach and the facilities they offer for disabled visitors, click here.