NEW facilities with hoists and benches in Southampton!

There has been lots of good news lately in our camp, and I’m so sorry I’ve not been very good at updating the site to let you all know.

Over the past few months a few new facilities have opened near us and we’ve had the opportunity to try some of them out.

Southampton General Hospital has recently installed a brand new Changing Places toilet, equipped with ceiling tracking hoist, showers x 2 and possibly the most comfortable height adjustable Changing bench we’ve ever used. ***TOP TIP***. You need a code to access the room (it’s not accessible by radar key) so make sure you ask for this at the front desk when you first walk through the main entrance, so you have it for whenever the need arises. The code changes each week I believe. The toilet is located next to the M&S cafe (opposite the older ladies toilets). It is titled ‘Assisted Adult Changing Room’ but does not have the recognisable Changing Places logo. I’m not sure if this just hasn’t been added yet or they don’t intend to use it. Hopefully it will be added to the door shortly and other signage will also be added around the hospital to ensure more people are able to find and use this essential facility. Big thumbs up from us and Hadley!

Southampton Football Club (St Mary’s Stadium), we are exceptionally pleased to say, now has a Changing Places toilet! Hadley has been lucky enough to go to a few games now this season thanks to this wonderful facility. As a huge Southampton fan you can imagine his joy!  **TOP TIP** the facility is located in the corporate area of the Itchen Stand so please do bear this in mind when purchasing tickets. Whilst you can access the facility from anywhere in the ground, you will have to be escorted and so it is advisable to make the club aware of your attendance in advance where possible. The stewards are hugely helpful and we are so happy to report that the facility has been getting a lot of use and has been very well received.  

IKEA Southampton – There is now a Space to Change toilet with height adjustable bench and ceiling hoist (a smaller version of a Changing Places fitted to an existing accessible toilet) at Ikea in Southampton – a welcome addition for so many families, including my own. We have not had a chance to visit the store yet to try it out, but will report further when we have done so. Watch this space! I believe it is in the restaurant area. If anyone manages to visit and try it for themselves before me, please feel free to share on my fb page!

More exciting news to follow shortly as we see two new facilities open near us in the New Forest area! Life is getting more accessible… we’ll keep plugging away to help ensure more facilities keep popping up in our area.

Sarah and Hadley